More information for members, and potential members of the greater Halifax arts coalition.

We meet in person once a month from September to June, typically at 8:30 am on the last Wednesday morning of the month at Just Us on Spring Garden Road (near the Public Gardens). Laurie Gillis is currently taking care of scheduling and providing notices to people.

We have a Steering Committee of 5 – 6 members to respond quickly on our behalf in between meetings, to manage communications, and to act as spokespeople when needed.  We select the Steering Committee every June through a Doodle Poll asking all members to vote online.  If someone who is selected is not able to accept, the members with the next most votes will be asked to serve for the upcoming year.  Steering Committee members will choose from their members someone to act as Chair and Vice-Chair for the upcoming year.

Member organizations are represented by the senior staff member.  This is because we sometimes need quick decisions, we need need strategic insight, and because we share information openly between ourselves, with assurances that anything said, emailed, or posted online is kept confidential to the group only.  Our primary connection is through group email, but also through a facebook group, shared Google Drive documents and a wordpress blog:

For example: We track our Cumulative Stats, financial information, sponsorship, and suppliers / in-kind donors using a confidential but shared online document.  All members are responsible for keeping their information up to date.  When we publish information outside the group, we share the cumulative totals only, unless referring to our own organizations, or unless we get specific permission.

We occasionally communicate to ‘powers that be’, to the media, or to the general public. The tone we strive for is open, supportive and encouraging, though we try to be as specific as we can in what we think is important to share / learn / change. These letters are sometimes written quickly by our Steering Committee, who consult with members who are closest to the issue.  One or two of these members end up being the Spokespeople to receive replies or to handle follow up communications (i.e. media). When the letter is almost finished, it is circulated to the entire group for final comments, and for confirmation of who will all be included in the signatory list (sometimes individuals or companies need to opt-out). When this is in process a very quick turnaround is needed.  Members will not be included as signatories without their express approval.

All members are expected to be active and contributing. Occasionally one or more of us get snowed under and need the rest to pull the weight. This is part of our world, and completely understandable. When this happens, notify the Steering Committee to propose another member to sub-in.

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